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Facethebook is a Muskegon ALI campaign to educate the public on the laws and liability associated with alcohol use.

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Coalition for a Drug Free Muskegon County

Muskegon ALI

Muskegon ALI History

The Coalition for a Drug Free Muskegon County, conducted a data driven community planning process around the issues of youth use of Alcohol and Tobacco.  During this planning process several types of strategies emerged including those most typically performed by law enforcement.  Coalition staff sought and received Federal Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) funding in December 2008 to pay for evidence based strategies.

The Muskegon Alcohol Liability Initiative (Muskegon ALI) was formed in December of 2008 to bring together law enforcement agencies, public health, government leaders, and businesses to address the devastating consequences of alcohol related traffic crashes in Muskegon County. The  the group formerly adopted the mission statement and the strategies which include:

  • Responsible Beverage Service Education – both retailer & volunteer,
  • Conducting Baseline Compliance Checks for retailers,
  • Enhancing law enforcement such as party patrols, high visibility enforcement,
  • Education to local youth on safe driving, consequences of drinking and driving, and other emergent issues.


Activities in 2009

  • Provided law enforcement prevention support at area proms and party hot spots.
  • Distributed alcohol retailer education packets to 200+ Muskegon area alcohol retailers.
  • Provided free Responsible Beverage Education to several area retailers (limited time offer) & Volunteer Beverage Server education.
  • Conducted baseline compliance checks to area retailers.
  • Conducted high visibility alcohol enforcement in Muskegon County.
  • Hosted Michigan Liquor Control Commission board members at local elected official’s luncheon.
  • Sent members to Michigan Traffic Safety Summit and OJJP Underage Drinking Conference.
  • Promoted Muskegon County Sheriff’s Advanced Teen Driving Program.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to reduce alcohol related incidents and injuries among youth and young adults through ongoing education and law enforcement, by revising and creating alcohol policies and programs, educating vendors on distribution laws, supporting existing youth based programs, and monitoring compliance throughout the Muskegon area.

ALI Members

Mercy Health Partners

Muskegon County

Muskegon Community Health Project

Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department

Muskegon Heights Police Department

Muskegon Area Intermediate School District (MAISD)

Muskegon Police Department

Muskegon Township Police Department

North Muskegon Police Department

Norton Shores Police Department

Public Health Muskegon County

Roosevelt Park Police Department

TIPS – Rochelle Richmond

Tyler Sales


For more information contact:

Laura Fitzpatrick, Coordinator, Coalition for a Drug Free Muskegon Co.


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